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    10 Great Uses for African Baskets

    10 Great Uses for African Baskets

    We are always excited to provide the perfect basket and home decor for your home! African baskets come in all shapes and sizes and are made from natural and recycled materials. These baskets are eco-friendly, sturdy, and a great investment. From Senegal to Kenya, the possibilities are endless. Here are 10 great ways to use African baskets in your home!

    1. Wastebaskets

    Use your nesting or open top basket as an alternative wastebasket in your bathroom or office.

    2. Laundry Hamper

    If you're looking for a long-lasting hamper for dirty laundry, search no more. African baskets are great for laundry. They allow wet or dirty clothing to air out and prevent them from smelling rank. You can choose a lidded or un-lidded basket to suit your needs.

    3. Alternative Desk & Drawer Storage

    Use square baskets as an extra drawer on a shelf, or to store miscellaneous items on a shelf using nesting baskets. We love the idea of organizing makeup in the bathroom or office supplies on a desk.

    4. Indoor & Outdoor Gardening

    Use sturdy bolga baskets as planters in and outside of the home. These baskets are made of natural materials that are both economical and visually appealing.

    5. Livingroom storage

    From magazines to throws and pillows, choose an African basket to help your living room look well kept and organized. 


    6. Shoe storage

    Have a million shoes? Or just a lot? Senegalese lidded baskets are known for shoe and sandal storage. Large baskets to store old or unused shoes or medium baskets to offer for guest shoe storage can boost your home decor.


    7. Picnics, Weekend Shopping, & Beach Dates

    We love African basket shoppers! They offer versatility, convenience, and make a great fashion statement!



    8. Nursery Room Decor

    Mothers know how important sturdy storage can be around the home. Store diapers, toys, and keep unsafe items away for little hands on shelving. Use a bassinet for a newborn or as a nesting basket.


    9. Pop-up & Shop Storage

    Vending at an event and want to add conversation piece? Need an alternative way to display products? A lidded African basket can store undisplayed products, or a nesting basket can be a cool way to display your great products for sale!

    10. Everything! 

    Store anything and everything in your African baskets! There are so many colors, shapes, and variations-- you can't go wrong! 


    Karibu means Welcome!

    Karibu means Welcome!


    Welcome to the Tribal Immunity --a place to find colorful, vibrant African handcrafts, fashion, and decor. 

    One of the most beautiful things about African design is its diversity and endless possibilities. Africa is a continent made up of 54 countries, about 2000 languages, and 3000 ethnic groups. If we add in the African Diaspora, the amount of fine art, fashion, and craftsmanship is infinite.Tribal Immunity is a shop that aims to represent the beauty and diversity of a continent and its Diaspora. 

    Our goal is to provide fair trade products as well as fine, artisan-made products from outside of the continent. We encourage our customers to not only shop but learn more about the products and artists who create these beautiful collections. 

    Visit our blog regularly for updates on new products and info about how to use our products!


    Tamara K.